WordPress & PHP Freelance - Web Developer

Web Development (WordPress and More):

Crafting comprehensive websites, from simple pages to complex interactive platforms. Tailoring each project with an individualized approach.

Support and monitoring (WordPress and More):

Continuous technical support and monitoring for your websites, ensuring their seamless operation without interruptions.

SEO Optimization:

Implementing effective SEO strategies to boost your website's visibility in search engines. Handling core SEO tasks to improve rankings and attract your target audience.

Linux Server Configuration:

Configuring and maintaining Linux servers for optimal website performance.

Email Marketing:

Designing impactful email marketing campaigns to retain and attract customers.

Website Design (UI/UX):

Creating modern and user-friendly interfaces for your websites. Implementing UI/UX design principles to enhance the overall user experience.

Graphic Design:

Crafting attractive and unique design elements for your website. Developing logos, banners, and other graphic components.

Video Editing and Animation:

Editing video materials and creating animations to enhance visual content.

With a track record dating back to 2015, I bring extensive proficiency in WordPress and PHP programming, offering a diverse skill set for delivering top-notch, comprehensive, and professional services. Our team supplements this with specialized expertise across domains, ensuring excellence in every facet of your project.

For details call or write:

Tel․՝ +374 55 060 444

Email՝ hakobyan@raf.am