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Reselling services empower individuals with basic administration skills to establish a small hosting company without the need for personal infrastructure. Resellers take on routine tasks such as client communication and technical support, benefiting from substantial discounts that contribute to their profits. Web studios, often involved in website development, frequently leverage hosting reselling. This approach allows them to offer a comprehensive service package, and technical support seamlessly aligns with the studio’s client interactions.

The Mechanism of Hosting Reselling

Hosting reselling involves a straightforward process facilitated by specialized software:

  1. Server Rental: Resellers lease servers from major providers, onto which hosting reselling software is semi-automatically installed. Typically, this package includes cPanel and WHM/WHMCS.
  2. Account Creation: Resellers generate accounts for their clients and provide access to the cPanel.
  3. Client Interaction: Clients engage with the reseller under established terms, paying for services through an automated panel. For them, renting hosting appears identical to working with a regular top-tier provider.

In essence, reselling functions as an intermediary activity where the reseller offers services under their brand, setting individual pricing. While not responsible for server hardware and software maintenance, the reseller shoulders client communication and hosting-level technical support.

Becoming a Reseller

To become a reseller, one must rent a dedicated server, install the chosen server OS distribution, and the necessary hosting reselling software. All required equipment is pre-installed and configured in a data center. The reseller’s role is confined to client management and addressing their technical issues.

Responsibilities and Characteristics of a Reseller

It’s crucial for a reseller to comprehend their responsibility to clients. Proficiency in cPanel and WHM, basic administration skills, and the ability to swiftly transfer websites from other hosts are vital. Even with highly automated hosting rental, clients may encounter issues, making prompt issue resolution a primary requirement for resellers.

Keys to Reselling Success

For those aiming to make reselling a substantial business, adherence to two key principles is imperative:

  1. Prompt Issue Resolution: Hosting reselling is lucrative but demands vigilance. Quick responses to client tickets, especially during working hours, are essential.
  2. Competitive Advantages: The hosting market is saturated, requiring resellers to offer significant benefits or unique features to attract clients.

While third-party specialists like Adminvps can handle server maintenance and administration, resellers focus on acquiring and retaining clients. They can sell services under their brand, independently determining pricing policies.


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