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In this article, I will explore 10 key criteria for selecting a website developer, outlining what to consider and what to look for in order to choose a developer who will not only create a website but build a comprehensive tool for you and your business. After all, a website is more than just an image – it’s a functional means of finding and attracting clients, telling your story, and increasing profitability. In the online business landscape, no business can thrive without a website.

How to choose a website developer for your business?

Every person who is planning to create their own website and enter the online market asks themselves this question sooner or later because a website is the face of your business. Choosing the right person to create it requires caution and attention.

Firstly, let me explain the options available: you can either choose an individual or a team.

At every stage of website development, different professionals may be required, ranging from designers to copywriters. This approach is commonly employed by web development studios, and it is evident that their price tags are not small. Additionally, this approach may also be adopted by freelance individuals who will simply delegate certain development stages to others if they are not experts in those areas.

For example, let’s say Eric is developing a website for you. He creates a fantastic design, defines the content, structures the site, and selects materials. However, he lacks the experience and knowledge to effectively code the site on a platform like WordPress. This gap exists precisely because all his efforts and attention are directed towards design and content. In such cases, the cost of the website will be significantly lower than that of studios, but slightly higher than the lower threshold. Hence, the first criterion for selection arises:

Stages and process

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Always inquire about how exactly a person will develop your website. Will they be working alone or with a team? For example, it might be beneficial to commission design work from Vanya and have Sasha handle the coding.

In other words, it’s crucial to understand the specific stages the developer will go through and how they plan to execute them.

Experience and Case Studies

Yes, it’s possible that someone without cases and experience may be willing to do your job for a minimal cost, just for the sake of having a case study (it’s a common practice). However, if you don’t want to compromise on your website, it’s worth choosing someone with experience, preferably with at least 5 successfully completed projects, positive reviews, and, most importantly, genuine case studies. It often happens that novice designers invent and create their own case studies to stand out from the competition, but in these cases, they may lack the ability to work with clients and may not understand the client’s requirements. Therefore, it’s always better to pay a little extra and trust a reliable professional.


The third significant criterion is packaging. Presenting oneself as a professional, packaging one’s cases, packaging one’s proposals, and accounts – all of these are crucial aspects. It is important both for presenting oneself as a specialist to you and for positioning oneself effectively. If someone treats their cases carelessly, rest assured they will approach your work in the same manner. At the very least, they should have a profile with a photo, description, and a lively, comprehensible presence. Otherwise, they might come off as a dry robot executing tasks without clear understanding, leaving you unsure of who you are working with. If the executor has packaged themselves as an expert, it can be immediately concluded that they are a reliable individual.

AND MOST importantly,

Attitude towards work

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The final criterion for selection. Attitude always matters, regardless of the context. Let me give you an example. Suppose you submitted a request on a platform to create a website. You received responses from Sasha and Vanya. Sasha sent a generic message stating that he is a developer with X years of experience and is interested in collaboration. On the other hand, Vanya delved into your task, immediately proposed several solution options, and even provided a free design for the first screen. I believe the difference is clear – one is indifferent and only cares about making money quickly, while the other genuinely understands the problem and suggests ways to solve it. Such professionals not only deliver quality work but also greet you with a Happy New Year and provide a bunch of extras as a gift.

However, if you don’t want to go through the hassle of choosing a specialist, you can send me your task in messages (contact details below), and I will conduct a free analysis. If necessary, I will also create a design for your first screen for free.

In conclusion, a good website developer should have a comprehensive understanding of the entire process, communicate it directly to you, possess experience and successful case studies, be a well-packaged expert, and most importantly, be the kind of person who won’t abandon you in adversity and will deliver high-quality results.

I specialize in website development, and if you need a skilled professional, I’ll leave my contact information below. Feel free to reach out!)


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